Progress: that’s our offer

We help our clients make progress – from whatever starting point – towards achieving their financial goals

We strive to be the trusted advisor that every family needs. We can cater to any level of financial experience, income, or asset base.

We offer expert financial advice to clients, and our management capabilities to assist with implementation.

Every client approaches us with a different idea of what they need, a list of requirements, a particular financial situation, varying levels of financial experience, and an existing portfolio of assets and liabilities. We gather information regarding objectives, preferences, and constraints to present a recommendation and manage implementation within a discretionary mandate.

Our ideal client has realistic objectives, values the services we offer, and works with us to manage their capital and build a relationship .

our services include:

Wealth Management: a comprehensive framework
Investment Management: specific mandates
Financial Planning: assessment of current and future financial situation
Investment Advice: micro components & specific topics

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now

Alan Lakein

“The key to management is not being in control, but to participate and influence the formation of sense making and meaning. It is about creating a context that enables connectedness, interaction, and trust between people.”

Esko Kilpi



Wealth management is a comprehensive service that provides a framework for decision making context, and management of the underlying components of financial planning, wide ranging advice, and investment management.

  • Can you reduce the complexity of our financial affairs?
  • How do I assess all my investments and advisors?
  • What should I do about my tax situation?
  • Do you think this is a good investment, and how much should we invest?
  • Can you take care of this?


  • Retirement products
  • Trust portfolios
  • Company portfolios
  • Discretionary portfolios
  • Share portfolios
  • Fund portfolios
  • Mixed asset portfolios


  • Do I have enough retirement capital?
  • How much can we afford to spend this year, with the market down?
  • Should we invest my bonus or pay off our bond?
  • How do we improve our financial position?
  • What do other people spend?


  • Which investment platform should I use?
  • What’s the cheapest way of taking currency offshore?
  • Should we invest in my own name or via the trust?
  • Should we start a tax free investment or stick with the RA?
  • Can you look at this fund and give me your opinion?
  • Can you look at my portfolio – what should I sell?
  • Can you analyse this private equity opportunity – should I invest?
  • What do you think of bitcoin/gold/currency trading?

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network benefits

coherent process

detailed analysis


capital growth

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