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Clan Capital Wealth Management

Clan Capital was established to manage family wealth. Our experience within the financial services industry enabled us to design a business that is selective about where, how, and with who it interacts. Our independence through 100% ownership enables us to continue to do so. We have chosen to focus on families who are serious about being in control of their financial lives, and prepared to invest time in understanding that the quality of the process is critical to sustainable success.

  • Clan Capital (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2009, Registration 2009/012374/07
  • Authorised Financial Services Provider 44769 (see FSCA categories)
  • 100% owned by the Campbell family
  • Managing Director – Andrew Campbell

Meet our team

Andrew has over 30 years of experience within the financial services industry, as a portfolio manager, trader, hedge fund manager, divisional CEO and director of a listed financial services company. He has worked abroad, and offers a depth of experience and strong investment expertise, particularly with international investments. Andrew and Zubeida have worked together since 2004, and complement each other in providing relationship management services to our clients. Andrew acts as Financial Advisor and Investment Manager, while Zubeida acts as Client Administrator and Office Manager. We sit in an open plan office, and seamlessly monitor incoming communications and developments to act within our mandate and communicate with clients.

Andrew Campbell

CEO & Investment Manager

Previously a Director of Brait and CEO of Brait Specialised Funds, an institutional hedge fund business. Prior to that Portfolio Manager at Coronation Fund Managers in South Africa and Ireland, and before that Sales Trader at Davis Borkum Hare stockbrokers. See more details on LinkedIn

Zubeida Joseph

Client Administration

Previously Personal Assistant to CEO at Brait Specialised Funds. Zubeida has prior experience as a personal and administrative assistant, managing client paperwork and service provider administration


The ability to focus is key to applying our resources and skills where we can be most impactful. It involves being self-aware, reading our clients, seeing the bigger picture, and drilling into specific issues.

Our primary focus is on what matters to our clients, what issues they are concerned about, what questions they are not asking, how we can help them identify their needs and form expectations.

We have learnt that to be successful, you need to focus your efforts in the areas that count, and to specialise.


Independent thinking is critical when providing objective advice and solutions that serve the best interests of our clients.

We have the ability to investigate all available options that might suit our clients’ needs, because we are independently owned. As we have no outside shareholders or inter-group relationships that often steer larger entities inhouse, we remain focused on finding the best solution to grow our clients’ capital.


Experience is only valuable if it is relevant to the task at hand. We have been managing wealth for families over the last 10 years, been working together for 15 years, and Andrew has been in the financial services industry for 30 years.

Experience enables familiar patterns of behaviour or problems to be identified quicker or avoided. We work hard to ensure that we remain relevant, by enhancing our knowledge and exploring new areas within wealth management.


Expertise is developed over time and within pressure situations, to go beyond the theoretical and inhabit the practical.

Our expertise has has been developed at leading firms, both locally and abroad. We have taken our business management, portfolio management and hedge fund expertise, and honed in on underlying portfolio analysis to identify, select, and monitor top fund managers.


We are a business that aims to deliver personalised advice and management that develops a shared understanding of what is required to best manage client wealth.

We are well intentioned, accessible, transparent, and focused on treating you and your wealth with respect. We aim to build a long-term relationship founded on our professional, yet personable style.

“As investment professionals, when the services we offer help investors achieve
their realistic long term objectives, ours can be a noble profession”

Charles Ellis

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