“As investment professionals, when the services we offer help investors achieve their realistic long term objectives, ours can be a noble profession”

Charles Ellis

“…be a platform for connecting people who have needs with people with true artisanal skills, design skills and taste skills…”

Johann Rupert

“The two most important drivers of future value: network effects and learning effects”

Esko Kilpi

Clan Capital is a wealth manager

Clan Capital is a financial advice and investment management business, authorised as a Financial Services Provider (License No. 44769) in South Africa, and provides financial advisory and intermediary services from our offices in Constantia, Cape Town

Company Features

  • Formed in 2009 and owned by the Campbell family
  • Licensed by FSCA – Category I and II
  • Key Individual – Andrew Campbell
  • Compliance – Compli-Serve SA
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – Carmargue
Wealth Management & coffee

we’re independent

We are 100% independent. There are no external shareholders.

Our independence is essential, as it ensures that we are objective when providing advice, and not influenced by third party incentives or corporate business pressure when selecting products.

We are able to take a long term view on the direction of our business, the clients that we help, and the “growth opportunities” that we turn down, for the benefit of both our business and existing clients

Andrew at his desk
Andrew CampbellFinancial Advisor and Investment Manager

“I provide industry insight and investment skill that helps my clients make better investment decisions. I act as the trusted advisor to families for making sense of  financial markets and adding value to their capital management.”

we’re experienced

I entered the financial markets in 1990, when I joined stockbroking firm DavisBorkumHare. My role was Salesman, providing institutional clients such as Allan Gray, BoE, Foord, Old Mutual, and Syfrets with deal flow and trading execution.

3 years later I joined the newly formed Coronation Fund Managers. My role was Dealer in Fixed Income, Equity, and Derivatives. In 1996 I was appointed Portfolio Manager in charge of Fixed Income, and the following year I transferred to Coronation Holdings to trade proprietary capital. This led to being seconded to Dublin, Ireland to establish an offshore office.

In 2000 we returned to South Africa for the birth of our first child, and I joined private equity firm Brait, to establish a hedge fund division. We built the largest institutional fund of hedge funds in South Africa, whilst establishing and seeding almost 20 hedge funds, using a private equity model.

At Brait I was CEO of the Specialised Funds business based in Cape Town, a director of the Luxembourg listed holding company, and Chairman of the Brait Investment Council, a research think-tank and collaboration between the private equity and hedge fund teams.

In 2004 Zubeida joined Brait as a Personal Assistant. Over time her role developed to being my PA, as well as supporting the Fund of Funds team, and various coordinating functions within the broader office management function. We have worked together for 15 years, which is crucial as she plays such an important role in supporting my activities, managing the efficient functioning of a modern office, and dealing with confidential client information and administration.

Zubeida JosephClient Administration and Office Manager

“Zubeida provides administrative experience and office management that supports our ability to provide excellent service to clients. She is calm and disciplined, which results in efficiency and convenience for our clients.”

we are accountable

When you deal with Clan Capital, you start a relationship with just two of us. There are no buffers between you, us, and the decisions that are made or the service that you receive. We are both fully aware of your requirements and involved in delivering the services you require. We are co-relationship managers, who have been working together for a long time. However, the buck stops with me.

We have put in place processes and protections to be consistent, reduce errors, and deliver what is required. Our roles are broad, but well defined.

We have developed an understanding of the industry, the service providers who offer the best value, and a network to help keep us on top of an ever changing environment. We don’t have all the services you will require in-house, but we know where to go to get them.

Our value proposition is to help you make better decisions that grow your capital. We do this by putting ourselves in the middle of a network of top service providers, retaining only what you require, and reducing unnecessary complexity and expenses. It’s what we do with our business and our own investments.

we’re experts where it matters

I am not a typical “financial advisor”, I haven’t sold products for a life company or earned commissions on third party products, and we don’t offer insurance advice covering short-term, medical, or death & disability.

I’m an experienced investment professional, who is equipped to provide sophisticated advice to families.

I have an exceptionally broad investment experience and insights into how financial services businesses are managed, gained at leading firms:

  • bought and sold stakes in investment management businesses
  • hired and incentivised investment teams
  • researched funds and analysed daily holdings within hedge funds
  • managed portfolios, fund of funds, and traded securities, using leverage, derivatives, and short positions

I see our ability to understand the key risks within markets, funds, and fund holdings as a key differentiator. We are equipped to unpack structured products for our clients, monitor coherence between a fund managers philosophy, process, and performance through bottom up security analysis, and provide fundamental research on asset allocation, valuation, etc.

Investment Office

we have key man risk

Clan Capital is a niche business, that offers specialised advice and dedicated service to a select client base. Our genesis was a home-based family investment office, and we have key man risk. I am the Key Individual, and critical to delivering advice and managing investments for our clients.

To provide comfort to clients, we incorporate the following protection against me being incapacitated:

  • All assets are held in the name of the client, we do not hold cash on behalf of our clients, and mandates are able to be terminated at short notice
  • We have a shortlist of financial advisors that we respect, and deem appropriate for each specific client, which would be communicated
  • The ease with which client assets can be moved from our advice to a competitor is a business weakness but client advantage

regulatory requirements

Legal status disclosure

Your use of the Clan Capital website and email services, including the receipt via email of general information, fact sheets, periodic reports and/or price and performance information, is subject to your accepting and complying with our terms of use. By using our website or email services, you agree and accept all of our terms of use.

The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002

Clan Capital (Pty) Ltd (‘Clan’) is an authorised financial services provider in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002, to act in the capacity as investment manager. All information contained on this website should not be construed, or relied upon, as advice. If you require financial and/or investment advice, please engage with Andrew Campbell or seek the services of an independent financial adviser. (Refer contact details)

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