Welcome to Clan Capital

An independent wealth manager that helps families make better decisions to grow their capital.

Established as a family investment office in 2009 by Andrew Campbell, Clan Capital is based in Constantia, Cape Town. Andrew started his career in financial markets in 1990, and gained valuable experience at market leading businesses in stockbroking, fund management, and hedge funds. He holds a BCom and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Clan Capital is an authorised Financial Services Provider, licensed to offer financial advice and investment management services to South African investors. We provide a comprehensive framework to cater to the unique and varied requirements of our clients. Clan Capital is 100% independent, has the skills and knowledge to help you reach your financial goals, and is focused on growing your capital through process quality enhancements.

We specialise in international investments.

Wealth Management

Our wealth management services are based upon providing context, analysis, and prioritisation, whilst incorporating detailed research and disciplined implementation.

Getting organised

Getting organised

You need to be organised to make sensible decisions. We have a process to help you  collect financial information and place everything in context, enabling a gap analysis of your situation against comprehensive financial, retirement, investment, and estate planning practices.

Setting Strategy

Setting Strategy

Every client has a different financial situation, set of goals and needs, and expectations for how we can help them. We develop a unique solution for each client. However common to all our advice is the objective of improving the quality of the asset mix, its management, and expected performance. This starts with mitigating risk.

Efficient implementation

Efficient implementation

The financial industry is complex, profit seeking, and often opaque. Experienced financial professionals know how to navigate obstacles and ever changing practices that complicate or detract from the best efforts of investors. We aim to provide the quickest route to the best implementation.

Monitoring progress

Monitoring progress

Circumstances change, markets evolve, and the unexpected happens. Our greatest value add to clients is monitoring the environment, assessing whether the probability of meeting their goals has changed materially, and what action to take. We help clients reach their goals through expert monitoring and analysis.

What our clients typically want


Moving past angst or inaction to a better position

Less complexity

Focusing on the big picture and key decisions

More information

Insight and transparency, well communicated

Better returns

Higher performance, with less risk

Reduced fees

Only pay for value added, not legacy norms

Feeling better

Satisfaction with relationship and results

Latest news

Tito’s Plan: Towards an Economic Strategy

Given the catastrophic economic management of South Africa over the last decade, it’s not surprising that our current concerns have pushed many competent South Africans to choose a new life overseas. However amongst the rubble, there are signs that a strategic planning framework is being developed which encourages those of us who are staying.

A planning framework to turn angst into confidence

Financial stress is debilitating and stress is felt by both the client and the advisor, the inexperienced and the knowledgeable. And without management, it can easily lead to erratic behaviour, and costly mistakes. Our business is to help clients make better decisions, and this starts with the first small step: address the most pressing issue.

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