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COVID-19: A Prescription To Get The US Back To Work

Morgan Stanley published a biotechnology research piece last week that paints their projections regarding timelines and milestones to get the US back to work, and how they see Governors managing the pressure from the President and their individual state-specific considerations.

We see a slow return to work with US cases peaking in ~50
days. We expect social distancing reductions in June as
diagnostic/serology testing are widely available and hospital
capacity is extended. Variable levels of social distancing will
remain until a vaccine is widely available in Spring 2021.

COVID-19: A Prescription to get the US back to work, Morgan Stanley
graph of return to work timeline
Return to work timeline

They believe the following:

  • The US is likely to experience two peaks – one for the coastal regions and one for the interior
  • Governors are likely to be cautious in relaxing social distancing
  • Coming back to work will happen in stages with reduced staffing in the office
  • The overall country is likely to peak in ~20 days and reach a plateau of cumulative cases in ~2 months

If you’d like to read their piece or other articles of interest, go to our COVID-19 page

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