Everything about our business is focused – from our philosophy, to our client relationships and process management, to our staffing. This is deliberately designed to offer a different level of attention to our clients’ needs, and to give us more time to concentrate on the job of managing investments.

We do not have grand plans to continuously add more areas of expertise, team members, or levels of complexity to the management of our business. However, if you understand the role of an independent financial advisor, and would like to partner with us in providing great service to your own clients, then we are happy to investigate a collaboration.

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We have the industry experience and network to identify top class thirdparty¬† services to complement our expertise on an ‘as needed’ basis. We contract in the best option for each client.

There are however some functions that we need to retain inhouse – specifically client relationship, financial advice, and investment management capabilities.

Our office is small, open plan, and operates within a mature approach to getting the job done. We can not afford to introduce new team members into our space who might disturb our work..

If you think you can enhance the quality of our business, let’s investigate our fit.

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Our industry is dominated by large brands, with hierarchial organisation and levels of functional inclusivity and client interaction. We are very different.

We can provide a great environment for young professionals who have something interesting to offer in return for first hand experience within an independent, niche, family office.

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