Starting Point: Don’t avoid the news because it’s so time consuming and noisy

It’s a challenge to stay up to date with news and opinion nowadays. Newspapers are battling to remain viable as advertisements dwindle, news desks are trying to publish behind a paywall to compensate, and the IoT (internet of things) has enabled thousands of publishers to share their industry expertise and proximity to breaking developments, and beat journalists to a story.

The result is a huge amount of noise, little clarity regarding credentials, and a daunting task.

Actually, it’s worse than that. It’s almost impossible to initially identify who to listen to, know how to access their insights, and find the considerable time to read their material. You need to be aware of global developments, the South African environment, and their intersection with your investment decisions. And you can’t afford to be overwhelmed and delegate this.

Here’s a clever solution: Receive interesting, curated articles via a Newsletter

I read widely to support my investment decisions. I do the stuff that is difficult and time-consuming because it’s my job. I have started a daily newsletter to save you time by suggesting 5 articles covering investment markets, geopolitics, research, and developing social issues. It goes out at 8am every morning, and provides a quick look at what I have found interesting.

Nuzzel is an app that combs through my Twitter or Facebook feeds, identifies the links being shared the most by my twitter friends, and presents a list for me to choose from. I select 5 to cover different aspects of the investing and social-political world, and off it goes.

There’s more to it: I can improve on the Twitter algorithm, by selecting any link I have found anywhere on the web

Nuzzel is an application that makes it incredibly easy to share popular articles, as per my list of twitter friends. However that is often quite limited. Nuzzel has a feature that enables me to add any URL, so I can draw from virtually anywhere. That makes it broader, and curated.

On top of that, it allows me to add a short comment to go with each article. This can be a highlighted paragraph, an opinion, or a warning to take the opinion with a pinch of salt. The reason is that whilst I’m happy to steer people towards interesting opinions and research, I’m not happy (nor authorised) to provide advice without understanding the context of a client’s situation and the goals and preferences that are unique to them.

“The day’s most important news as determined by who we each follow? Obvious and easy to use.”

Jonathan Abram, Nuzzel Founder

So, if you want to avoid the noise but stay informed, sign up to my Nuzzel newsletter

Here’s the link Andrew’s Nuzzel Newsletter

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