Navigating Your Financial Decisions

Financial stress is debilitating. There are multiple causes of stress, and stress is felt by both the client and the advisor, the inexperienced and the knowledgeable.

And without management, it can easily lead to extremely erratic behaviour, and costly mistakes. Our business is to help clients make better decisions, and this normally starts with the first small step: address the most pressing issue.

Eisenhower’s Decision Matrix

Eisenhower developed a matrix to help distinguish between urgent and important tasks, and to assist people make real progress in their lives. It looks like this:

A decision matrix with 4 alternatives to do, decide, delegate, or delete

Easier said than done

Globalisation has led to a huge increase in the spread of information, options, and risks apparent to investors. With more information available the temptation has increased to cut out middelmen, advisors, etc and take control of one’s finances whilst reducing expenses. The dual ambition of taking control of your financial affairs and cutting out unneccessary costs is the right way to go. However,  a lot happens between the decision to manage your own affairs and choosing which costs to emilinate. Each decision could have an unintended consequence. Many situations, management teams, regulations, and tax could change – often without notice.

“Choice is the only tool we have for achieving fulfilment in life, allowing us to be masters of our worlds. Sometimes the path in front of us is simple and meaningless…but often we are faced with life-changing choices”

The Art of Choosing

A Framework is essential for context and progress

Our Framework moves you from a point, any point, and starts a journey towards establishing a sustainable decision making process that is structured, well-considered, and able to accomodatechanging circumstances and priorities. It looks simple, but is the product of years of experience, research, and practical implementation.

A decision making diagram

Action can relieve stress, but direction is vital

We have the experience and expertise to help our clients identify what to do and how to implement change. We start with an issue that is foremost on the mind of an investor, and we place it into context, consider alternative solutions, and make a recommendation. If you want to get advice, we can move you through any related anxiety and reach a point of confidence that your decision was well-considered.

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