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Get Insight into What We Read – via Nuzzel

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Nuzzel is an interesting new addition to our communications strategy. It’s the easiest way to offer personalized news recommendations to people who are interested in our area of expertise.

I do the reading

I read a huge amount every day, as part of monitoring the markets, researching topics, and staying connected with the opinions of people who know their stuff, or have a different opinion to my own. Over the last few years, this habit has increased, as social media improves the ability to customise your reading, and grants access to a very wide range of opinion. Every day I read and reject, or read and forward the most interesting articles to my email, for later use. I use various applications to filter for news from sources that I respect, and to deliver them in a way that I can catch up quickly with hot topics.

I do the selection

A few years ago email newsletters were the rage, but their format was messy and many provided too many links, so newsletters became tiresome. Any untimely or unwanted intrusion into our day, or information overload is also irritating. So I hadn’t previously ventured into this space. However I have now decided to pick 3 – 5 stories a day, and send them out to subscribers (there is no cost, other than your valuable attention and time). I felt that many people who aren’t familiar with the financial services industry, or who don’t have the time to sift through a whole lot of articles each morning, would appreciate receiving a few good reads in their mailbox, and if they didn’t find them interesting, there’s always the quick and easy unsubscribe link.

Nuzzel does the rest

The game changer is the work Nuzzel does behind the scenes to help me. Nuzzel is really useful, because it enables me to send articles into a daily newsletter draft, add a brief comment, rearrange or cull the less interesting selections, and then push “Publish” and automatically send out a professional newsletter at 8am every day. It integrates with the ability to invite subscribers, see articles that influencers and others have read on Twitter, and add the url of any article that you have found elsewhere on the web. Bottom line: their software does everything I need, except for the small matter of selecting great articles, and even there, they provide info on what’s piqued the interest of people I respect.

What’s the point?

I need to ensure that our clients understand not only how their capital is performing, but also the process and logic behind how we add value. We provide various client communications i.e. reports, presentations, phone calls, and emails, that are specifically customised, and at a level of detail and opinion that informs our investment management, and warrants a fee for that service. Our clients expect great communications, at the level and frequency that suits them.

However, this newsletter provides a small window into my world, what has caught my eye, and to an extent indicates the breadth of research that is required to keep up to date with developments. It is a one-size-fits-all newsletter, unlike our approach to client meetings, and hopefully leads to the occasional contact from an interested party.

Subscribe at http://nuzzel.com/ADC_CapeTown

Each morning you will receive an email, with 3 – 5 stories in the format below

Screenshot of a Nuzzel Story

Screenshot of Nuzzel Story

Title of the story in blue, Author in dark grey with publish date, first paragraph in black, and my few words in the light blue box. You open the story by clicking the title, or the more info…, and you can share via Twitter or FaceBook by clicking the two logos at top right.

Importantly, please don’t hesitate to unsubscribe without fear of disappointing me if it gets too much, or focuses too much on financial markets. I post on Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, and our website with a different level of detail, and with different levels of financial experience and interest in mind.

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