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For those of us who haven’t studied at Harvard, completed an MBA, or wondered about the essence of various strategic and financial concepts, Ellen Chisa has written a great summary of her time at Harvard Business School, with the core lesson from each class, and links to case studies to support her learnings.

I can’t tell you everything I’ve learned at HBS, and no book would have prepared me for the experience. Instead, I’m going to give you a taste. Some of these literally blew my mind. Some blew my mind because I never realized how important they were.

It’s a great read – easy structure, key takeaways, and further reading if you’re inclined (and happy to pay for the Harvard case studies). The title sounds like click bait, but it isn’t – the content is good. Ellen covers each module:
  • Finance 1 (FIN1)
  • Finance 2 (FIN2)
  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior (LEAD)
  • Technology and Operations Management (TOM)
  • Financial Reporting and Control (FRC).
  • Marketing (MKT)
  • The Entrepreneurial Manager (TEM)
  • Strategy (STRAT)
  • Business, Government, and the International Economy (BGIE)
  • Leadership and Corporate Accountability (LCA)
All of the lessons in this post are my simplicity on the other side of the complexity of HBS.
What I liked about her article is the focus on one aspect per topic, rather than a scholarly attempt to capture all angles. Reducing the complex to its essence should be the starting point when explaining financial decision making. It’s not simple to do, and it is vital for building client understanding.
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