Protecting and growing your capital requires focus…


An independent wealth manager that helps families set priorities, understand their options, and make decisions to grow their capital

Established as a family investment office in 2009, Clan Capital is family owned, managed by Andrew Campbell, and based in Constantia, Cape Town

Andrew started his career in financial markets in 1990, and was employed by DavisBorkumHare, Coronation, and Brait prior to establishing Clan Capital. He holds a BComm and is a Chartered Financial Analyst

Clan Capital is an authorised Financial Services Provider, licensed to offer financial advisory and intermediary services to South African investors who want international best practice and global investments as part of their investment process

Clan Capital is 100% independent, enabling us to match the most appropriate solutions and third party services to each client. Our fees are transparent, all assets remain in your name, and we aim to build a relationship of trust for long-term mutual benefit.

Everything we do is designed to build client trust in our capabilities, decisions, and intentions.

Wealth Management Essentials

We have developed a comprehensive wealth management framework that is based upon context, analysis, and prioritisation, whilst incorporating detailed research and disciplined implementation.

Specific Outcomes

Our clients retain us for various reasons, value certain services above others, and require performance and reporting that resonates. We provide unique solutions, and deliver specific outcomes.


Moving past angst or inaction to a better position

Less Complexity

Focusing on the big picture and key decisions


Insight and transparency, well communicated


Higher performance, with less risk

Reduced Fees

Only pay for value added, not legacy norms

Feeling Better

Satisfaction with relationship and results

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