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We help families make better financial decisions


Many families are understandably overwhelmed by the complexity of the investment world. It’s a battle to know what to do, who to trust, and how best to go about managing your money.

Indecision leads to procrastination or avoidance, which can be both stressful and costly. 

  • We can help you establish your priorities and choose the right investments.
  • We can save you time and money in getting to the right solution.
  • Whatever your starting point, we will work hard to add value and deliver results.

– Andrew Campbell, CEO


We provide expertise within a disciplined process


Assess Your Situation

We discuss what you are doing, conduct a gap analysis, and recommend improvements. We focus on improving the quality of your plan.

Make Enhancements

We introduce third party service providers and management to fit your strategy, and monitor them intensely.

Manage Risk

We make changes to your plan and its components as the environment or your requirements change.

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What Makes Us Different

Expertise and Experience

Andrew’s industry knowledge and expertise comes from holding senior positions within industry leading businesses.

  • Director of Brait (listed on the JSE), and Divisional CEO of Specialised Funds (hedge funds)
  • Private Equity Seed investor in SA and offshore hedge funds
  • Portfolio Manager, trader, and dealer at Coronation – locally and offshore


Our business is completely independent, which brings material advantages to clients.

  • We are family owned and operated
  • There are no outside shareholders
  • We have no commercial incentives with third parties
  • We operate an open architecture approach i.e. we can utilise any third party that suits our clients